Under state and federal law, human trafficking does not require the movement of people across borders. North Dakota aims to provide person-centered services by the enactment of Safe Harbor Law in 2015.


Safe Harbor Law

  • Provides victims under the age of 18 with legal protection and provision of services. This includes immunity from prosecution for certain types of offenses because the child was compelled or lured into committing the offenses.

  • Attempts to reduce the amount of trauma experienced by victims.

  • Attempts to assist in a successful recovery of victims.

  • Provides for the option to utilize a diversion program that allows for criminal charges to be dismissed if the child completes specialized services. 

Specialized services are to be made available to survivors.
These services include but are not limited to:

  • Medical and mental health treatment

  • Emergency and long-term housing

  • Education assistance

  • Job training

  • Interpretive services

  • Legal services

North Dakota Century Codes

Federal Laws